Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why don't you post more content?

There's a significant amount of time invested into planning, recording, and editing each of my videos, and throughout the pandemic I've experienced an unprecedented amount of supply chain delays. If you've watched my videos, you know how important it is that each of my videos has substance and quality. Being a one man operation takes time, but I've never been more excited for the future of this channel. Believe me when I say I think about my subscribers every day and I'm doing my best to make sure each video will be worth the wait. Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Are you hiring?

I will post to my Instagram and mention in my YouTube videos if any hiring opportunities open up.

What gear do you use to make your videos?

<> What's in my Camera Bag 2021

Where do you get the music for your videos?

All of the music and sound effects for my videos comes from Epidemic Sound. Click Here for a playlist with a bunch of tracks from my videos and a 1 month free trial.

Do you provide engineering services?


How can I get started fabricating?

I'll be covering this in better detail in an upcoming video, as well as in a few different blog posts. The best answer I can give in the meantime is to get comfortable with doing something more than once. It's a totally normal part of the process and something I regularly still do. If you treat having to redo something, no matter how simple, as a learning opportunity, rather than an opportunity to put yourself down, you'll develop a way better head around the shop and stay motivated to consistently improve. Don't compare yourself to the folks running $20k welders ten hours a day, compare yourself to yesterday's version of you. Find the biggest headaches in your workspace, garage, or shop, and start putting together plans for making things easier for yourself one small step at a time.

I want to buy my first project car, what should I buy?

Before buying a project car, you should be able to answer these questions as honestly as possible:

<> How much time am I willing to give?

<> What am I comfortable doing myself?

<> What am I excited most to learn about doing?

<> What do I hate the idea of doing?

The reality is the "Perfect Project" is rarely the perfect project for everyone. Personally, I prefer cars as complete as possible, with clean titles. For me, I'm way more comfortable buying something that doesn't run because I can usually troubleshoot what's wrong, or I don't care because the engine's going to be swapped anyways. If you know you hate rust repair, and you can see clear through a car you're debating buying, put yourself in future you's shoes and see if the job's really going to get done or just be sold a few years down the road. I'll say from experience that projects don't get easier the longer they've sat, and they definitely don't get cheaper as time goes by. If you're just starting out, consider finding something you can complete small weekend/week jobs on and still enjoy in the in-between.

Can I stop by the shop?

I'm planning to periodically host an open house, and will mention on my Instagram and YouTube when I'm attending major automotive events. Otherwise, as much as I love meeting people, I've closed the shop off to the public to focus on creating the best possible content for you and the best possible results for my clients.

Can I republish your video, blog, article, or imagery on my site?

No, you may not republish any of my content without my express written permission. All content is copyright of Grindhouse Performance LLC and David Piccioli. An incredible amount of time goes into making videos, articles, and other content for fans and viewers, and I would encourage you to create your own original content to develop your own voice and style.

How do I get more connected with Grindhouse Performance?

There's a few ways:

<> Enter your email address on the bottom of this page and click 'Join' to receive email notifications of video releases, blog updates, project, and product announcements.

<> Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

<> Follow me on Instagram.

How can I help support Grindhouse Performance?

<> Being such a small channel and posting as infrequently as I do means the algorithm's a real uphill battle. The best way to support me and the channel is to give my videos a thumbs up, drop a comment, and telling your friends. I read all the comments and try to respond to as many as I can.

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